Orlando Auto Injury Pain Treatment

Orlando Auto Injury Pain Treatment

3 tips to help you find an auto accident doctor

We understand the importance of finding a great doctor who will be able to diagnose you correctly to receive the right treatment as soon as possible. This is even more important when if you were involved in a car crash since you will need auto accident injury treatment.

Since we know that you want one of the greatest doctors to evaluate your health after an accident, here are three tips that will help you obtain the best Orlando auto injury pain treatment available. These tips will help you select a doctor or a car accident chiropractor in Orlando FL that fits your needs:

  1. Your primary care doctor may not be the best choice after an accident

Your family doctor is probably not the best choice for you if you were involved in an accident. Why? Primary care doctors are excellent physicians, but if you are looking for Orlando auto injury pain treatment, you could be spending more money and not receive the most accurate treatment.

Besides, most primary care doctors do not accept third party billing, meaning that you could be spending your own money, which could get very expensive.

  1. Find a doctor or chiropractic care in Orlando that treats auto accident injuries

You can do an online search to see some reviews for a particular Orlando FL chiropractor or doctor that treats injuries caused in auto accidents. It would be best if you read what past patients have had to say about their experience with that particular physician. If you can, try to find out how long he or she has been in business. Do they have a website? Are there any real pictures of the facility? 

You can also ask the doctor or facility the following questions:

  • Do you accept third party billing?
  • Can you treat my specific injuries?
  • Do you understand Medical Documentation with auto accidents?
  • Can you offer to pick up and drop off services? 
  • Do you have the ability to refer out to other specialists if needed?
  1. The doctor should know how to document injuries

If you are going to claim compensation for your injuries, the doctor needs to know how to document yours in a medical record. It should include a detailed history of the accident and what the injuries are. It should also list all of the injuries and conditions you may have before the accident. All of the medical tests that were performed should also be listed and if you have had physical therapy too. These are just some of the details that need to be in the medical record after the medical evaluation.

We are sure that these three tips can help you find the perfect doctor or chiropractor to help you deal with the pain and treat injuries resulting from a car accident. When you are at the consultation, remember always to be honest about the injuries, the accident, and a previous medical condition.

If you need pain treatment caused by auto injury, contact Schauder Chiropractic for a free consultation or schedule your first appointment for chiropractic care: (407) 275-6700.

Orlando Auto Injury Pain Treatment
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