Auto Accident Doctor Orlando

Auto Accident Doctor Orlando

Car accidents can happen any time regardless of all the safety measures in place. There are an estimated six million auto accidents that occur in the United States each year. Accidents are caused by different reasons, the leading ones being; bad weather conditions, being distracted while driving, drunk driving, and speeding.

If you're unfortunately in an auto accident in Orlando, it’s critical to seek the services of the finest auto accident doctor in Orlando, since injuries can lower the quality of your life or even be life-threatening. At Schauder Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we have the best car accident chiropractor in Orlando, FL, who treats injuries ranging from minor bruising to serious body injuries.

How We Treat Auto Accident Injuries

Our auto accident injury treatment involves remedy towards the following injuries; neck pain, back pain, knee injuries, headaches, and many others. We thoroughly examine your auto accident injuries and treat them to ensure they do not become enduring trauma.

  • We Do Examination

Our chiropractic care in Orlando is second to none. We examine patients of all ages for any possible signs and symptoms arising from the auto accident. We enquire about your health before and after the accident. In addition, our doctors will ask you to engage in some light movements to establish the extent of the injuries.

As a top chiropractic care clinic, we know from experience that some injuries take longer to appear than others due to the body’s way of releasing adrenaline to respond to the trauma. That is why we insist that a car accident victim should see our accident chiropractor immediately after an accident even when they do not think they have suffered any injuries.

  • We Conduct X-rays

We also use imaging to get a clear view of your internal body, especially your bones. This helps us to know whether any fractures or other damages have occurred after the auto accident. An x-ray test is swift, painless, and can provide a lot of vital information. This is what we use to rule out injuries such as dislocated joints and broken bones.

  • We Offer the Right Treatment

Depending on the kind of injuries you have sustained, our Orlando Florida chiropractor will tailor your treatment on pain management and general wellness. In pain management, we narrow down our care to decreasing the amount of pain you are experiencing by resetting your body to its rightful peak functioning capability. We also work with a group of other doctors who we can refer you to in case you need specialized treatment.

Come to Us for Superlative Chiropractic Care

Have you or someone your care about been involved in a motor accident in Orlando, Florida? Our auto accident doctor in Orlando will offer unsurpassed medical care to ensure your injuries are treated on time and fully recover. Our chiropractic therapy will also help you manage any pain and discomfort resulting from an auto accident. Contact Schauder Chiropractic for a free consultation or schedule your first appointment for chiropractic care on (407) 275-6700.

Auto Accident Doctor Orlando
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Auto Accident Doctor Orlando
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