How Long to Wait to Exercise After Chiropractic Adjustment

By: Dr. Ellis Schauder|November 1, 2022

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Whether dealing with everyday aches and pains or recovering from an accident, chiropractic care can help alleviate discomfort and restore your range of motion. In addition to spinal adjustments, your chiropractor will likely recommend exercise as part of your care plan. You may wonder, though, how long to wait to exercise after chiropractic adjustments.

When you visit our team at Schauder Chiropractic & Wellness Center for chiropractic treatments, you’ll walk out of the office with less pain and more energy. It might feel like the perfect time to hit the gym for a workout, but you should wait a little while before exercising. Even non-strenuous activities like gentle stretching or lower back pain exercises should wait until later to ensure you get the most from your chiropractic adjustment. 

Should I Work Out Before Going to the Chiropractor?

Visiting the chiropractor after working out might seem like the ideal solution to the question of how long to wait to exercise after a chiropractic adjustment. This way, you can recover from both the workout and your adjustment at once. 

However, if you’re receiving chiropractic treatments because of an injury, exercising before a workout can exacerbate the problem you’re treating. Chiropractic care corrects spinal alignment, which can help increase your flexibility and range of motion. Going for a run or taking an exercise class before a spinal alignment can affect your form, increase pain, or even worsen your injury. 

The Ideal Time to Exercise After a Chiropractic Adjustment

Most chiropractors agree that it’s okay for patients to work out on the same day as chiropractic treatment. How long to wait, though, depends on the severity of your condition and how you feel after your appointment. If you aren’t sure whether you should exercise, ask the doctor for guidance. 

Otherwise, waiting a few hours between your chiropractic adjustment and a sweat session is generally advisable. If you have a morning appointment, you should be able to work out that evening safely. If you have a late afternoon or evening visit, wait until the next day to exercise. 

Following these recommendations ensures your muscles and joints have time to recover after the spinal adjustment. Performing strenuous activities right after an adjustment can potentially negate the benefits since your body needs time to adapt to the changes. This is even more likely to happen if you’re already recovering from an injury.  

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About The Author: Dr. Ellis Schauder

Dr. Schauder graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Consequently, he graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from New York Chiropractic College. He completed post-graduate studies in the areas of radiology, impairment rating and chiropractic orthopedics. Dr. Schauder is licensed in the states of Florida and New York.